Praise the Lorde

I’m going to be one of those people and just say that knew about Lorde before she was famous. I need to give credit where credit is due because I found her first breakout hit “Royals” on someone’s Tumblr playlist. I remember showing the song to my brother and he did not really like it. But then it was all over the radio and he remembers I showed it to him a couple years before it was a hit. I don’t know what it is about her sound but I love everything about her music. She’s different. The most “mainstream” she has sounded is in “Green Light” but it is still different than everything else.

I think the fact that she does not try to fit in… Ok, I’m going to be blunt here: she’s weird. She’s a weirdo. But honestly, I love how weird she is. I feel the same comfort with her as I do with Lady Gaga. The weirdness helps normalize my weirdness. From the way Lorde dances to the sound of her voice, she knows how to make you feel comfortably uncomfortable. I know this may sound bad but I swear I am singing Lorde’s praises right now.

She recently came out with her new album “Melodrama.” It’s been a while since I’ve heard any new music from her, so I was ecstatic when she came out with some new material. Even though by Hollywood standards she has not stayed “relevant,” I was just waiting for her to come out with her album. She has her same sound but there is something different about the music.


Cover art of Lorde’s new album “Melodrama”

I forgot that she is just a little bit younger than me. Younger. The reason why her album is a little different is because like the rest of us, she has grown up. There are more things to share. She got new experiences and made new music. We’re not hearing about the same songs about fitting into cliques but we are listening to songs about boys and being a young adult. I’d like to think I’ve grown a little since Lorde’s 2013 album “Pure Heroine.” So, I think I can hear that growth in her music and it makes me appreciate it a whole lot more. I guess this album does make me feel a little lonely. But according to some interviews and reviews about the album that I read over the last few weeks, the album is about being alone. But someone she does it in such a soulful way and it makes me feel empowered. It’s ok that I’m alone and constantly searching for a job as a recent college graduate. It’s ok that I’m alone without my boyfriend. It’s OK.

Even if you aren’t a 20-something getting new experiences, I think you can learn a lot about life from “Melodrama.” There is a variety of different sounds on this album and I think it is worth a listen. In case you don’t know where to start, my three top favorites are: Green Light, Perfect Places, and Sober. Maybe start with those and see where the album takes you.



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