I’m Happy I Got Three More Rejection Letters (No, I’m Not Being Sarcastic)

As previously mentioned in a different blog post, I’m looking for a job. Preferably in the publishing industry but I’m looking into more options, too. But I’m not here to talk about “more options.” I’m here to talk about how out of the 20+ jobs I’ve applied for, I got three more rejection letters or rather emails. No, I’m not sad. In fact, I am so happy.

Why am I happy?

I like to think of these rejection emails as mutual break-ups. Try to stay with me as I use this analogy. Break-ups are hard and for long term relationships, they really suck. But sometimes you need break-ups to grow and then you need to move on. As I’m looking for a job, it’s like I’m in a relationship with the company I applied to. I’m in love with this company and I want us to make it long-term (AKA: HIRE ME). But sometimes things just don’t work out and the company needs to break-up with me. Some companies choose to leave me hanging… Are we together or are we broken up? I’m left in relationship limbo!

But then there are respectable companies that actually break-up with me and send that rejection letter. Sure, it’s filled with cliches such as “Thank you for your interest in the [insert position here] and for applying. After careful consideration, we have decided to pursue other candidates. We truly appreciate your interest in our company” yada yada yada. The rejection emails that use this format can be compared to “it’s not you, it’s me. But can we still be friends?” Classic. Although it sucks to break-up, at least they ended things and they still want to be friends. Even though things are over, I can continue to apply for other positions at the same company and look for other jobs as well.

I can keep looking without holding on. I don’t have to think, “But oh, I still want to see if I get X job.”

I’m not constantly waiting for a response from potential companies. I can move on and find a new job to apply for. I would rather get a response and a rejection than no response at all. So that’s why I’m happy. These are three places that have decided to go with somebody else, but at least they told me.

The main point of all this is that I can move on. I won’t continue pining over these three jobs. It’s hard to keep your head up during the job search but I’m hopeful that the right job will be mine. So thank you to the three companies that were kind enough to let me go. I truly am happy and I hope we can still be friends.


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