Playing “Truth or Dare?” with the Internet

The Internet is amazing. I remember first using the Internet in middle school to do research on a computer! No library and no books. This concept would eventually backstab me because I hated reading things off of the screen because I love tangible copies. Anyway, there are so many things to find on the Internet. It’s so important, it’s capitalized.

But I have come to find out that I play the game “Truth or Dare?” with the Internet a lot. There are a lot of things that Trump calls “fake news” or what I would call “dares.” But there is a lot of truth out there as well. The Internet has become the monster I can’t live without. I play “Truth or Dare?” over and over again with this frienemy and I can’t stop. I don’t know what’s the truth sometimes and even through hours of research, I don’t know what to do.

If you haven’t read any of my other blog posts, you suck and you don’t know that I’m currently on a job hunt as a recent college grad. As any great English major, I love to research. I live for research and creating an argument. This helps me significantly in the job search game. I look up different companies, which happen to mostly be publishing companies. Search their “Careers” page. Find a job. Apply. Then, I research. I look up the different publications they put out (if I didn’t already know) and look up people’s experiences working at a specific publishing company. What sucks is that there are a lot of different reviews or forums that talk about some publishing companies. They are always conflicting. “It’s a great place to work! Everyone works together.” Scrolls down. “This is a horrible place to work! Nobody wants to work together.” Truth or Dare? I could do hours of research but I will probably never know the truth.

Most recently, I applied for a job with a publishing company and then immediately looked them up. To my horror, on the first page of results there was a post about not working with this company. It was basically a warning to authors and job seekers not to submit stories or consider working with anyone that works there. They are blacklisted. I looked up the issue on the company’s blog and they did have a great response. But of course they would. There were many other forums and blog posts about this company. But once again, everything was conflicting. “Don’t listen to anyone, this publishing company really worked with me and helped me put out my book! Amazing place to work with!” Scroll. Scroll. “Listen to me, this publishing company didn’t work with me and did not help me. It is not an amazing place to work with.” Truth or Dare? I guess I might never know the truth about the publishing company. Unless I end up working there and I get the job. But who knows? Everything about working there could be right and if I do get the job… It’s going to really suck.

Related but less serious than the job search is the search for the best products. I’m sure you have looked up reviews for a top or if you should buy that gym equipment for your house. Or anything at all! There are one star ratings and then five star ratings. Not to mention Yelp… It is always chaotic looking for a place that is truly the star rating. Some people will give a restaurant one star because they didn’t like the paint they used on the wall. Sometimes it is because they used one-ply toilet paper. Come on! It makes the average much less for a restaurant.

The Internet is never going to leave and I am glad it is around. But it is a tricky game of “Truth or Dare?” sometimes when you honestly just want the facts. Sometimes those facts could be about future employers to future meals but you want the truth. My advice is just gather up all your data and figure it out for yourself. It sounds cheesy but your truth is sometimes the only truth that really matters.


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