“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Made Me Want To Watch “Sex And The City”

I’m catching up on a lot of television that I missed while I was in college with no cable, no access someone else’s Hulu account, and no time. One of those shows includes Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A great cop-comedy show that is similar to the one camera style of Parks and Recreation and The Office. It is also similar in the type of comedy, which is why I’m always laughing out loud.

In a weird chain of events, I have actually ended up watching Sex And The City because of Season 3 Episode 22, “The Bureau.” Even though Captain Holt is infamously stoic, his “enthusiasm” for Sex And The City finally peaked my interest.

I’ve heard all about it and heard about it again when the movie came out. I have a love/hate relationship with NYC but I love how movies and television use NYC as a backdrop. So now I’m deep into season 2 of Sex And The City.

I think I truly enjoy that Carrie Bradshaw is a writer and open about sexuality. There are several episodes that deal with feminism issues that are still very prominent today. That goes to show that there has not been many changes since the 90’s. I like the fashion and the variety of women on the show. Of course, they might not be racially diverse, but it was a different time. They all have different personalities and they all make me laugh… Mostly Samantha because she tells it like it is.

Anyway, that’s all I have to report right now. I mean this is just my intro blog post into the journey into Sex And The City. But I’ll be sure to keep you updated by the time I reach the last season… Depending how the series ends, I’ll debate actually watching the movie!


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