A Review of Online Roommate Hunting

I am currently mooching off of my older brother and living in a spare bedroom. It makes no sense to look for jobs on the mainland (AKA: the continental US) while living with my parents back in Hawaii. I have been on the hunt for an apartment closer to NYC where there’s a better job market… But I have come to the realization that it is going to be really pricey without a roommate. So like any 21st century kid, I Google’d “best ways to find a roommate.” And of course, there were millions of search results.

Yeah, I know about Craigslist. But all I think about when I think of Craigslist is the uncertainty of who I am actually talking to. I’ve seen many episodes of Catfish and not to mention the movie of the same title. I came across this article and quickly found different ways to find a roommate.

We are definitely in the 21st century.

There are basically all these different websites that are just like Tinder. The difference is that it helps you find a roommate and not a booty call. I signed up for a couple different websites. I found a couple on my own after Google-ing the websites suggested in the article linked above.

Here is a quick review of the three websites I used:


Alright so this website is half Tinder and half Zillow. You set up a profile that asks for basic information such as a budget and a location. It does ask you to upload a photo but it is not as demanding as some of the other websites. You have to verify your account via email but the website lets people know if your profile is verified through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or email. Your last name is not on your profile. I didn’t hate this website because it was easy to use and it made it easy to make sure people weren’t fake. Like most of the websites, you can message each other first and decide if you wanna give out more personal information. I mostly liked this website for its simplicity and it can help you find a roommate anywhere. I don’t know if it is just my WiFi or if it is the site itself but it did lag sometimes or take a while to load.



This website is more Tinder than anything else, which made me feel a little creepy because I am looking for a female roommate. There were more preliminary questions, which is actually pretty helpful if you’re looking for specifics. Some of these questions included asking how clean you are (on a scale of neat freak to messy), what you’re looking for (a roommate to apartment hunt with, a roommate with a room, or a roommate with or without a room), and a small “about me” section. This website asks you to verify your existence with either Facebook or Google+ and your email address. Once again, no last names. There is the same messaging first and then give out personal info but if you connect your Facebook, you could potentially message someone like that. Things get a little more complicated because you rate users from a “x” (aka: no match) and then a 1-5 star rating. If you and someone else rate each other highly, you become a match and then you can message each other. This website is much more selective, which isn’t a bad thing! I really liked using it but it is exclusively for the NYC area and parts of Jersey like Jersey City and Hoboken. I also did not like that I had to choose my options. The other sites found people that answered similarly to me and I chose from there.



This website is very similar to Symbi except it is not exclusive to NYC/NJ. There are specific questions such as how clean you are, how much you drink, and if you’re looking to be best friends or strictly roommates. For all of these questions there are in between choices. After you fill out where you want to live and your budget, you are given a page of different choices of roommates. You can once again decide if you’re looking for someone with a room or just someone to help find an apartment/room together when you find said apartment. Instead of a more elaborate rating system, it is just like Tinder because you either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down (similar to a swipe left or right kind of situation). I think this is an extremely helpful site. The only thing I do not like about the website, and this is such a small thing, is that it looked very old. It does not have a very modern style and gave off the vibe that it is a scam.


Overall, I think I liked all three of these sites the most. Sure they all have their small flaws but if you’re looking for something else (and probably better) than Craigslist, one of these websites should work. I am currently set up to meet a possible roommate but I’ll you know which website helped me find her if things go well 🙂


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